The Why and an Ode to Testing Past

As I’m what might be considered a veteran of the software industry, I remember reading J. B. Rainsberger’s somewhat controversial piece at the time piece regarding integrated tests are a scam. There is an early section where he discusses the code branches and number of integration tests you’d need to satisfy basic correctness. As history seems doomed to repeat itself I find myself facing similar arguments today as an advocate of Contract Based vs End to End (E2E) testing for distributed systems. It’s an argument I often blithely respond to by throwing out some comment about exponential vs linear behaviour…

Movie reel
Movie reel
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I’ve been reminded in my current job hunt how incredibly frustrating and terrible generally Tech Recruitment is. So this is my “I’m bored and at home during Covid blog on recruitment fails through the medium of Movies” because I’ve been assured everyone’s got one dumbass blog in them.


I’m sure we’ve all experienced this. You post a job that, on the face of it, I am perfectly capable of doing. I apply. I hear nothing, 4 weeks later you re-post the job. I cry a little as the angels hopefully take me off to heaven. I mean maybe I wasn’t…

As an Advanced Consulting Partner, AWS is a core building block for a lot of what we do today. Recently I was asked to take part in a Developer Day talk on Serverless Application Model (SAM) and modern application development.

Given we only had a short amount of time to touch on this topic, I wanted to do a deeper dive on how you could use this tooling, specifically around building Custom Resources for CloudFormation (CFN). Later parts of this post also heavily use AWS Serverless Application Repository (SAR) to host our Custom Resources as an Application.

Recently we have…

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